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Leasehold Valuations for the Appraisal Professional

Leasehold Valuations for the Appraisal Professional


Two expert panelists: a professional appraiser and a loan officer discuss issues and processes related to leaseholdsand property valuations ...
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This product is a recording of the Appraisal Institute webinar that was conducted on November 14, 2013. Once the Appraisal Institute confirms your payment, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to the webinar recording.

Please note: The interactive features of the webinar (e.g. poll/survey questions and the final evaluation) are NOT available in the recording. In addition, Appraisal Institute continuing education credit is NOT available for viewing the recording.


Leasehold Valuations for the Appraisal Professional

Date: November 14, 2013
Duration: 2 hours

This webinar features two expert panelists: one is a professional appraiser, the other a loan officer. We will be discussing issues and processes related to the various aspects of leaseholds and their effects on property valuations, including puts versus options, long-term versus short-term leaseholds, and negative leaseholds. We will also be discussing the proper procedures that appraisers should follow from the point of view of a loan officer, who will walk you through the loan approval process, and review examples of ideal and less than ideal loan applications.

Presenters will discuss:

  • Negative leaseholds
  • Leaseholds with no economic value and 100% economic value
  • Puts versus options
  • Long-term versus short-term leaseholds
  • The closely held lease
  • Basic loan processing procedures from the perspective of a loan officer
  • Proper versus improper appraisals and the consequences on loan approval

Douglas A. Potts, MAI, Vice President, Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Robert S. MacLennan, Senior Loan Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration

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