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Subdivision Valuation, Second Edition

Subdivision Valuation, Second Edition

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This second edition provides an overview of the many complexities involved in valuing single-unit residential subdivisions. (Softcover, 2017) ...
Don M. Emerson, MAI, SRA
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Number of pages:293
Year published:2017

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The second edition of Subdivision Valuation provides a comprehensive overview of the methodology used in valuing existing and proposed single-unit residential subdivisions. Market and neighborhood analysis, highest and best use, profit and timeline concepts, land value, yield, line-item profit, and discounting procedures are described in detail and case studies are presented to illustrate lot presales, mortgage financing, bulk sale forecasts, and the time-zero profit dilemma. Developer risk reduction strategies, lot sales to potential homeowners, proposed construction performance bonds, and super pad sites are also discussed. Finally, areas of weakness in subdivision appraisal reports are examined to provide guidance on how to avoid common valuation errors.

Subdivision Valuation, second edition, provides essential information about a complex topic and will be useful to commercial appraisers seeking to expand or refine their skills in subdivision analysis and valuation. 

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