2024 Annual Spring Conference

Date: March 11, 2024

Location: Modesto, CA

Northern California Chapter
Doubletree Hotel
1150 Ninth Street
Modesto, CA 95354
Lisa M. Estes

About the Conference

The very first Valley Seminar began in 1970.  Our “modern” version of the Valley Seminar became known as the Spring Conference in 2000 and has taken place each spring at the Modesto Center Plaza since 2006 . . . until 2021 when due to COVID we debuted our first virtual Spring Conference. In 2024, we are once again presenting this signature event “LIVE” in person. This conference continues to evolve each year, with breakout sessions that provide a greater depth of topics and the opportunity to hear from and connect with a variety of industry professionals. It is the combination of quality and content which draws an increasing number of attendees not only from the Central Valley but from the greater Bay Area and beyond!

Conference Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
Welcome & Opening Session: 8:30am (Pacific Time)
Closing General Session: 3:20pm (Pacific Time)

State of the Profession

All conference attendees will kick off the day with our annual “State of the Profession”. You really don’t want to miss this session! Our speakers are key to providing up-to-date information regarding real estate related changes in the appraisal industry. From proposed legislation to existing regulations, we will find out the most current information available. Additionally, we will hear the perspective of the Appraisal Institute as it relates to the ever-changing appraisal industry. For 2024, we have special guest Tony Toso, ARA, the 2023-24 President of the ASFMRA.

Mike Belote
President / Lobbyist
California Advocates, Inc.

Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA
2024 National President
Appraisal Institute

9 Breakout Sessions to Select From
Plan Your Day of Exceptional Learning

Morning Breakouts 9:35am – 11:00am (Pacific Time)

  • (A) Appraisals for Non-Lending Purposes
  • (B) Macroeconomic Agriculture Update
  • (C) Commercial Market Update


Mid-Morning Breakouts 11:15am – 12:40pm (Pacific Time)

  • (D) Introduction to Residential Site Valuation
  • (E) Water Rights and Appraisals
  • (F)  Identifying and Understanding Property Rights


Afternoon Breakouts 1:40pm – 3:05pm (Pacific Time)

  • (G) Interest Rates are Up! But are Prices Down?
  • (H) Plain Talk about Ranchettes and Farmsteads
  • (I) Google Earth Hacks for Appraisers in a Data Driven World


Closing General Session

The Art of the Interview: Confirmation and Authentication

Elevate your Game! Confirming data for sales comparables is a critical step in the appraisal of real estate, playing a pivotal role in ensuring accuracy, reliability, and fairness in property valuation. The process involves verifying the details and characteristics of recently sold properties that are used as benchmarks for determining the market value of the subject property. Accurate data confirmation helps appraisers validate the comparables' relevance to the property being appraised, taking into account factors such as location, size, condition, and amenities. This diligence is vital for producing credible and defensible appraisals, which, in turn, have a substantial impact on real estate transactions, lending decisions, and property tax assessments.

Without thorough confirmation, the risk of mispricing properties or generating inaccurate market trends increases, potentially leading to financial discrepancies and legal challenges. Therefore, the importance of confirming data for sales comparables cannot be overstated, as it forms the foundation for informed decision-making in the dynamic realm of real estate valuation. Welcome to the Art of the Interview!

  • Verifying data from multiple sources
  • Obtaining accurate and comprehensive information
  • Becoming better equipped to engage in meaningful and informed confirmation interviews
  • The path to accurate and defensible property valuations
  • Know before you go (Make the call!)
  • Attention to Detail: Diligence is vital!


Jeff Enright, MAI, CRE, SRA, AI-GRS
Kidder Mathews

Tim Bettencourt
CoSol Commercial Real Estate

Shannon M. Nessier
Hanson Bridgett


Michelle Patton, MAI
President, Chapman & Patton