Professional Development Program Registries

To further help appraisers hone their skills, the Appraisal Institute offers professional development programs to real estate appraisers on cutting-edge, problematic, or advanced-level topics. Topics for professional development programs cover a body of knowledge in a specialty allowing participants to obtain educational competency in a property type or specialty area.

Participants who are eligible and who successfully complete a program will be placed on the Program’s Registry. Completion of a program shows potential clients and employers that participants have completed education and passed related course exams in the particular specialized topic.

Note: Participants who complete courses in a Professional Development Program may represent that they have completed the program’s curriculum and passed the examinations. Participants may not represent themselves as having a specialization, certification, competency, or expertise based solely on the successful completion of the program. The program provider does not assume any duty to the public for the services provided by program participants, or any other person or entity.