Comparative Analysis

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Who should enroll
  • General real property appraisers
  • Residential real property appraisers
Description The objective of this seminar is to explore how comparative (or transactional) analysis can be used to appraise the market value of various types of real property. This practical, hands-on seminar will address the actual employment and application of appraisal methods and techniques. Participants will translate theory into practice through extensive and varied online activities. Applying concepts to real-world situations helps participants discover new ways to use their knowledge and analytical skills.
  • Understand the transactional analysis procedure.
  • Recognize the basic steps in the sales comparison approach.
  • Identify the relationship of market analysis to the valuation-by-comparison process.
  • Identify appropriate units of comparison for various property types.
  • Apply several units of comparison to a single property.
  • Identify the elements commonly used to assess property comparability.
  • Identify commonly used methods for extracting and supporting adjustments to comparable sales.
  • Recognize the techniques that are effective for making adjustments for specific elements of comparison.
  • Understand the use of quantitative analysis techniques.
  • Recognize valuation situations that involve qualitative analysis.




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7 hours
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