Excel Applications for Valuation

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Who should enroll
  • Appraisers who want to sharpen their Excel skills.
  • Appraisers planning to take advanced courses towards the MAI designation.
More and more, appraisers are using spreadsheets rather than financial calculators in their day-to-day work to solve complex appraisal problems. The use of Microsoft Excel and Excel templates provide efficiencies that assist appraisers in meeting modern appraisal market demands.
Featuring several hours of video instruction, the focus of Excel Applications for Valuation is to increase the participant’s level of ability in using Microsoft Excel. The program also provides the opportunity to sharpen the Excel skills needed for the Appraisal Institute’s advanced coursework.
A wide range of material is covered in this course, starting with the very basics, then progressing to more advanced Excel functionality and the templates that can be used in valuation.

Objectives After satisfactorily completing the program, students will be able to:
  • Create Excel worksheets and demonstrate basic formatting, math, and reporting functionalities.
  • Solve problems using financial math functionality.
  • Demonstrate how the Excel copy functionality is used with formulas, tests, and calculations.
  • Use Excel functions and formulas to calculate the following:
    • Adjusted price
    • Net adjustment
    • Gross adjustment
    • Market condition adjustment
    • Economic life
    • Depreciation loan constant
    • PMT function
    • Discount rate
    • Internal rate of return
Prerequisites None.

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Program State Approvals
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8 hours
Classroom Recommendations and Requirements Software required:  Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher Synchronous Recommendations and Requirents
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