Expand Your Practice: Arbitration Do’s and Don'ts


Arbitration presents a growing area of opportunity for valuation professionals who can serve as arbitrators, testifying expert witnesses, or consultants. Each of these three roles, and their associated responsibilities, is discussed with a focus on the function of the arbitrator. This seminar provides a thorough introduction to arbitration and explores the various ways valuation professionals can provide services competently and ethically in this growing area of practice. An in-depth look at the arbitration process, from the preliminary hearing to the final award is taken. Common arbitration scenarios and real-world examples are discussed, and sound guidance is provided to help practitioners handle the risks and challenges associated with arbitration. The seminar is a useful overview of the arbitration process and the opportunities it presents to appraisers seeking to increase their versatility and expand their practices into the interesting and rewarding area of arbitration.

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Who should Enroll

Appraisers who are considering expanding their practices into the area of arbitration.


  • Know what arbitration is and how it fits into the dispute resolution process.
  • Identify which role you are filling in an arbitration.
  • Understand the responsibilities of an expert witness in arbitration.
  • Understand the responsibilities of the consulting expert in arbitration.
  • Know what disclosures should be made before being retained and during the arbitration.
  • Recognize appropriate and inappropriate (ex parte) communication.
  • Know how to start the arbitration process and how to conduct hearings.
  • Know how to decide what evidence is admissible.
  • Know how to prepare the final award.
  • Recognize the reasons for having an award vacated.
  • Understand why appraisers make good arbitrators.
  • Understand the liability risks of being an arbitrator.




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Attend: 35 AI Points

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7 hours



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