Using Spreadsheet Programs in Real Estate Appraisals - The Basics

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Who should enroll
  • Beginning real property appraisers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Users of appraisal services
  • College students
  • Accountants
This is a basic seminar.  For material that goes beyond the fundamentals, please consider Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling for Valuation Applications
Description The technological advances of the last 10 years have caused a significant change in the real estate appraisal profession. For example, today nearly all databases are computerized; it is imperative that appraisers easily retrieve, list, and analyze large quantities of data. During this hands-on seminar, participants will use Microsoft Excel to develop a spreadsheet skill set that includes the use of thousands of the program’s applications. Developing spreadsheet skills to report statistical analysis and provide graphic illustrations will help appraisers meet the needs of a more diversified client base.


  • Recognize the many advantages of using spreadsheet programs.
  • Illustrate the many uses of spreadsheet programs.
  • Copy, cut, and paste data from one location to another.
  • Identify common applications in spreadsheet programs that apply to real estate appraisal.
  • Identify basic statistical tools that can be used in appraisal development.
  • Recognize the applications of spreadsheet programs in the sales comparison approach.
  • Illustrate the use of spreadsheets to support units of comparison analysis.
  • Demonstrate the use of spreadsheets in a cost approach summary.
  • Identify various editing tools available for use in spreadsheets.
  • Illustrate use of basic spreadsheet procedures to perform basic mathematical functions.
  • Estimate the depreciation rates in a market using spreadsheet tools.



Prerequisites Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations, cell formatting and navigation, and file management in Microsoft Excel

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7 hours
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  • A laptop computer is required.
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later must be loaded and operational. If you do not currently have Excel, you can download a trial copy.
  • A laptop computer is required.
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later must be loaded and operational. If you do not currently have Excel, you can download a trial copy.
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