Cool Tools: New Technology for Real Estate Appraisers

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Who should enroll
  • General real property appraisers
  • Residential real property appraisers
Description This seminar will provide an overview of techniques and tools used today to solve the appraisal problem and prepare and deliver the appraisal report. It will also offer a presentation of the techniques and tools that are beginning to gain acceptance in the development and preparation of an appraisal and delivery to the client.

Technology as it affects appraisal production and problem-solving will be showcased with illustrations to provide firsthand knowledge of what appraisers can do to improve the quality of their appraisals. Several tools available on the internet will also be presented to help appraisers improve their use of modern, up-to-date information resources.

Appraisal technology is changing fast. You will learn new technologies you can use today and what’s coming in the future.

Some tools are only available for the PC.
Get answers to the following questions:
  • What technology tools are appraisers using now?
  • What technology is coming in the future?
  • How do we get ready for the future?           
  • When to buy technology and when to wait?
  • Which technology tools really increase productivity?
Prerequisites None

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7 hours
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