Marketability Studies: Advanced Considerations & Applications


This seminar will provide practical, hands-on training for experienced appraisers in the development and application of Level C market analyses in valuation assignments. Participants will bring laptop computers to class to solve specific problems relating to market analysis (i.e., supply/demand) as well as applications of market analysis to highest and best use and valuation.

The single most important goal for this seminar is to provide useful tools using advanced market analysis techniques to measure and support valuation analysis applications throughout the appraisal report.

Case Studies
The first case study features Level C inferred and fundamental analysis for a retail property. This study uses the Site To Do Business as a source of data and provides shortcuts for line items used in the buying power method.

The second case study showcases a Level C step-by-step marketability analysis for a residential apartment complex using inferred and fundamental methods. Participants will forecast demand using the segmentation method, the tenure-by-housing income model, and the ratio method.
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Who should Enroll

Experienced general real property appraisers


  • Recognize the importance of market analysis and marketability studies to highest and best use and market value.
  • Identify the six-step process of market analysis.
  • Apply a buying power demand segmentation for a retail property.
  • Become familiar with alternatives to the retail buying power model.
  • Become familiar with the application of Level C marketability study for apartment property.



No Exam



Appraisal Institute CE Points

Attend: 75 AI Points

Class Time

7 hours


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To access your Education and Events page, log on to the Appraisal Institute website at (click on the three horizontal lines to the left of the AI logo and select “My
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Program Overview

Required and/or Recommended Equipment

  • A laptop computer is required.
  • Excel 2007 or later should be installed and operational. If you do not currently have Excel, you can download a trial copy here.
  • A financial calculator is required. The accepted model used in the program is the HP-12C. AI education programs that require a financial calculator are developed with HP-12C keystrokes; using this model is highly recommended.
  • You must be familiar with calculator operation when the program begins. Do not enroll expecting to be taught how to use a financial calculator.
  • Free Review: Using a Financial Calculator: Formulas, Symbols, Math Review, and Sample Problems; and Financial Calculator Practice Exercises.
  • For additional help with the HP-12C calculator, take our online seminar Using Your HP-12C Financial Calculator.
  • HP-12C calculator User’s Manual.

System Requirements

None specified

Additional Information

Seminar Materials Include:
  • Seminar Handbook (212 pp.)
  • Pre-Class Download (157 KB)
  • Pre-Class Memo (1 p.)
  • Overview: Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use (18 pp.)
Participants will receive a registration confirmation e-mail directing them to download Excel files. These files, which will be used for in-class exercises, should be downloaded prior to class.

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