Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings


As government mandates filter down to local communities and buyers, sellers, developers, and financiers of real estate assess the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability, appraisers need to become familiar with the concepts surrounding green building (which will affect such factors as the cost to build, income and expenses, and ultimately/potentially the bottom line). The appraisal of a green commercial project offers a challenge to appraisers because this type of construction and development is new to many markets. Green projects additionally draw a new investor and tenant type with knowledge about the benefits of sustainability. Current valuation methods have the capacity to address the issues associated with green buildings. Appraisers simply need to understand more about what makes these properties different to effectively apply, incorporate, and evolve appraisal methodology in the development of an effective, rational, and well-supported appraisal report and value opinion.

The course begins with a brief review of green principles and concepts, then focuses on in-depth commercial case studies that explore techniques for valuation. Real-world examples provide excellent brainstorming, scope setting, and problem solving. Each of the approaches to value are visited, along with a narrative outline for describing the typical commercial green property. This course will help participants increase their knowledge of green buildings and facilitate the development of credible valuation techniques for use in this emerging property type. Additionally, resources that aid in documenting the appraisal process are provided.

Notes. This course is in the Valuation of Sustainable Buildings Professional Development Program. View this list of FAQs, which includes information regarding the courses you’ll need to complete the program successfully.

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Who should Enroll

  • General real property appraisers
  • Underwriters
  • Appraisal reviewers
  • Real estate agents/brokers
  • Quality control personnel


  • Identify green building and sustainability concepts.
  • Identify the most widely recognized rating systems for green buildings.
  • Recognize the six components of a green building.
  • Identify and link green components to potential value influencers.
  • Acquire practical (case study) application practice by identifying, applying, and linking green features throughout the valuation process.
  • Identify the manner in which the valuation of green buildings could potentially impact the valuation process to include appraisal analysis, development, and appraisal reporting processes.
  • Recognize special considerations of green buildings as applied to the valuation process.
  • Acquire practical (case study) application practice in the development of a life cycle cost analysis; use of cost manual for green features; and development of and support for quantifiable impact of green retrofit upon value.
  • Recognize the importance of energy efficiency, as well as the potential means through which energy efficiency may be improved to include, but not limited to: benchmarking, energy assessments, onsite renewables, lighting and electrical upgrades, and HVAC changes.
  • Understand the basics of solar PV energy systems, including fundamental methodologies through which one may develop a credible opinion of value.
  • Identify and discuss less tangible aspects of green building, including triple bottom lines and externalities, as well as environmental and social components of value.



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Class Time

14 hours


Yes. Participants must complete mandatory assignments in this program. Please plan your time accordingly and allow up to 5 days for the instructor to review your assignments. The instructor may ask for a re-submission of incomplete assignments. You may advance through the program while you are waiting for your instructor to review your work. You may also contact the instructor to request expedited review.

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