Condemnation Appraising: Principles and Applications


Condemnation Appraising: Principles and Concepts presents the eminent domain process, rules and regulations governing condemnation appraisals, and important issues unique to this appraisal specialty. Participants acquire the tools to address issues such as the valuation rules used by different jurisdictions, identification and valuation of the larger parcel, and the estimation of damages and benefits. They also examine advanced applications of appraisal techniques and problem-solving in condemnation cases. Finally, participants will discover how courts view various appraisal methodologies. Case studies reinforce the application of condemnation appraisal principles.

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Southern California Chapter August 29-31, 2023 Costa Mesa, CA Classroom  Check Register
Tennessee Chapter October 04-06, 2023 NASHVILLE, TN Classroom  Check Register
Colorado Chapter April 08-10, 2024 Denver, CO Classroom  Check Register

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Who should Enroll

  • Experienced residential and general real property appraisers interested in increasing their expertise and ability to provide services in eminent domain litigation
  • Attorneys interested in effective and efficient integration of expert valuation testimony in their trial presentations


  • Identify how property rights and land-use regulations affect the condemnation appraisal process.
  • Determine which property to appraise in a condemnation appraisal.
  • Recognize the importance of defining public projects and identify their impact on the subject property.
  • Perform competent and admissible appraisals.
  • Recognize the appraiser’s role in inverse condemnation actions.
  • Describe the appraiser’s role as a consultant to legal counsel.
  • Identify the valuation concepts and rules of law and procedure typically used in a condemnation valuation jury trial.



Yes, 1 hours



Appraisal Institute CE Points

Attend: 180 AI Points,  Attend and Pass Exam: 200 AI Points,  Pass Only: 0 AI Points

Class Time

21 hours



Program Overview

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Course Materials Include:

  • Course Handbook (455 pp.)
  • Suggested Solutions (122 pp.)

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