Valuation Overview of Accessory Dwelling Units


Many markets are reporting a housing shortage particularly in the affordable housing sector.  As a result, municipalities are updating their zoning laws to allow one or more accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to be added to single-unit housing. If you are an appraiser involved in residential valuation where ADUs are part of this growing trend, this seminar is for you. It provides an overview on ADUs focusing on the description, legal concerns, valuation methods, and techniques needed to value them. You’ll learn about the valuation challenges and discover how the recent changes in the secondary mortgage market selling guidelines now provide more guidance and flexibility in valuing and financing ADUs. This seminar will help you complete appraisal assignments with ADUs competently. 
Check out this preview as Sandy Adomatis, the seminar developer, and Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, one of the seminar reviewers, provide more information about this program!
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Southern California Chapter February 16, 2023 Ontario, CA Classroom  Check Register
Chicago Chapter March 10, 2023 Evanston, IL Classroom  Check Register
Massachusetts/Rhode Island and Maine Chapter March 29, 2023 Reading, MA Classroom  Check Register
Wisconsin Chapter April 24, 2023 Milwaukee, WI Classroom  Check Register

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Who should Enroll

Residential appraisers


  • Understand the role ADUs play in the housing market.
  • Identify reasons ADUs are commonly added to an existing improvement.
  • Recognize the most common uses of ADUs.
  • Apply the appropriate highest and best use analysis for ADUs as improved properties.
  • Identify the zoning criteria that may limit ADUs.
  • Understand secondary mortgage market appraisal guidelines and government appraisal guidelines and requirements.
  • List data challenges that complicate the assignment.
  • Solve short ADU dilemmas using valuation methods.





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Attend: 35 AI Points

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7 hours



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Seminar Materials Include:
  • Seminar Handbook (264 pp.) 

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