Valuation Resources for Photovoltaic Systems (Online)


Photovoltaic systems, also called PV systems, generate electricity from the sun. When added to a property, PV systems can power home appliances, lights, air conditioning, cell phones, and other electrical devices. There are over one and a half million households, nearly a 2% residential adoption rate, in the United States with solar energy systems and the number of solar installations is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

For most appraisers, however, developing the value of solar is a new frontier. But as the demand grows for appraisers who can properly value solar homes, forward-thinking appraisers will have a market edge. They’ll be able to differentiate themselves from their peers by serving as a local source of information on solar.
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Who should Enroll

This class is for appraisers who have a basic understanding of how PV systems work and understand appraisal methodology.

This class does not address all aspects of PV valuation and only addresses host-owned PV systems. To learn more about leased systems, power purchase agreements, community-shared solar, and for a more in-depth explanation of the parts and pieces of a PV system, consider taking Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar.


  • List the components of a solar PV system and the appraisal challenge it presents.
  • Analyze utility bills to arrive at an accurate kilowatt-hour (kWh) cost.
  • Illustrate the importance of accurate solar PV system characteristics.
  • List studies, education, and resources regarding solar PV valuation.




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