Commercial Real Estate Training from the Appraisal Institute: Appraisal Engagement, Appraisal Reviews & Evaluations

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Who should enroll Lending, credit, audit, or risk management staff who handle appraisal engagement, review, and evaluation



This Appraisal Institute program was designed for lending, credit, audit, or risk management staff who order, review, or use appraisals for underwriting real estate loans. Gain insight into what regulators expect from banks, internal bank policy and process, the appraisal process, and the appraiser’s scope of work. And as a bonus, learn how to confidently read a residential appraisal report and be able to decipher red flags before they become problems.

This 4-part training can be delivered onsite or remotely. Please call 312-335-4228 or email today for more information and a proposal!


Part A: CRE Engagement: Federal Banking and Appraisal Regulations
Get an overview of federal appraisal regulations and federal banking regulations governing single-unit (family) residential and commercial real estate. Learn about USPAP and three of its rules for appraisers—the Ethics Rule, Competency Rule, and Scope of Work Rule. Topics include proper selection of an appraiser, minimum appraisal standards, and review requirements. Learn how to order an appraisal and monitor a vendor panel, which documents banks need to provide to the appraiser, and much more!

Part B: The Art of Commercial Appraisal Review
Gain a detailed description of the review process, including what a review is, who should do an appraisal review, how to determine if a report is a review, purpose of the appraisal review, and level of competence assumed under the Competency Rule of USPAP. Scope of work of the review (Steps 1-6) is covered in detail and examples are provided.

Part C: Sales Comparison Approach —A Case Study
Find out how the sales comparison approach is used in completing an appraisal review or an evaluation of a land parcel. The material introduces this approach and discusses its usefulness for different types of properties. Scope of work issues are introduced, including the number of sales required, client requirements, level of data confirmation, level of inspection, and level of comparison and analysis. The case study also discusses steps of the review process and uses the Engagement Proposal / Reviewer’s Checklist.

Part D: Income Approach—A Case Study
Learn about the income approach and types of properties for which this approach is used. Scope of work issues are addressed in relation to the appraisal, evaluation, and appraisal review. The case study demonstrates how to estimate income from all sources, adjust for market vacancy and collection loss, deduct expenses, and use direct capitalization.

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