Real Estate Finance, Value, and Investment Performance

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Who should enroll
  • General real property appraisers
  • Residential real property appraisers
Description All appraisers should be knowledgeable about financial markets, financial mathematics, and how financial markets impact real estate values. In this hands-on seminar, you’ll learn the relationship between debt and investment risk and value. You’ll understand how financial markets affect value and influence buyer behavior and investment decisions. You’ll leave this seminar knowing terminology important for all real estate appraisers today!
  • Critically analyze and measure the impact of the financing choice on market value and investment performance.
  • Explain and numerically demonstrate the impact of debt on market value and on the investment’s expected return and risk.
  • Calculate and interpret debt-related measures including breakeven points, the indifference point, and the debt service coverage rate.
  • Given terms of debt, calculate the value of favorable financing.
  • Explain and demonstrate how the use of debt is related to the creation of tax-sheltered cash flows.
Prerequisites None

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7 hours
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