Spotlight on Reappraising, Readdressing, Reassigning: What to Do and Why


This seminar addresses practical ways to respond to requests for another appraisal, or for additional work, involving a property that was previously appraised. How should an appraiser respond to requests to "readdress" or "reassign" a report? When is it acceptable to reappraise the same property for a new client? How should "updates" be handled? Best practices regarding the handling of such requests and the rationale behind them are discussed in depth. Participants will leave the seminar with practical suggestions on how to deal with these common scenarios.
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General and residential real property appraisers


  • Respond to requests to reappraise the same property for a different client.
  • Respond to requests to “readdress,” “retype,” and “reassign” an appraisal report.
  • Respond to requests to provide an “update” of a prior appraisal report.
  • Identify the regulatory requirements and guidelines regarding appraiser independence.




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2 hours



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