Inconsistency: It’s Hiding in Plain Sight in Your (commercial) Appraisal


Seminar for commercial appraisers!  

Appraisals or reviews of the most experienced appraisers can have inconsistencies in data, analysis, and reporting. This fast-paced and thought-provoking seminar focuses on significant inconsistencies that can have a major impact on the credibility of the appraiser as well as the value opinion. It will bring to light inconsistencies that can affect any part of the appraisal process including the definition of market value, highest and best use, the three approaches, functional and external obsolescence, and reconciliation. Eye-opening discussions and practical problems (including ag problems) will keep you interested and engaged throughout the day.
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State Approvals
Houston Chapter June 26, 2023 Synchronous  Check Register
Metro New Jersey Chapter November 14, 2023 Synchronous  Check Register
North Star Chapter February 9, 2024 Bloomington, MN Classroom  Check Register

Program State Approval & Hours

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Who should Enroll

General appraisers and reviewers including agriculture appraisers and reviewers.


  • Recognize inconsistencies with the definition of market value and the need to stay consistent with the type of value opinion developed.
  • Understand how the highest and best use decision drives the remainder of the appraisal process and how to stay consistent with highest and best use.
  • Realize the need for consistency within and between the three approaches to value.
  • Determine what constitutes functional and external obsolescence and how to maintain consistency with both in all three approaches.
  • Complete a thorough, meaningful, and consistent reconciliation.


Recommend some working knowledge of advanced procedures


No Exam



Appraisal Institute CE Points

Attend: 35 AI Points

Class Time

7 hours

Program Overview

Required and/or Recommended Equipment

A financial calculator is required. The accepted model used in the program is the HP-12C. AI education programs that require a financial calculator are developed with HP-12C keystrokes; using this model is highly recommended.

System Requirements

None specified

Additional Information

Seminar Materials Include:
  • Seminar Handbook (212 pp.)

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