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There is an approximate housing supply shortage of 3.8 million units in the U.S. – but community land trusts (CLTs) can help keep more homes affordable. CLTs are typically managed by public or nonprofit organizations and use a self-sustaining model for lasting affordability. CLTs sell a home at below-market value to an eligible homebuyer who secured financing from a lender. In exchange for getting an affordable home, the homeowner agrees to certain restrictions on home resale. To meet the growing demand for CLTs, Freddie Mac and the Appraisal Institute are offering comprehensive training to provide appraisers with the tools and knowledge they need to accept and complete more CLT appraisal assignments.

Enroll today to grow your business and increase affordable homeownership opportunities.

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State Approvals
North Star Chapter June 8, 2023 Bloomington, MN Classroom  Check Register
Connecticut Chapter September 14, 2023 Synchronous  Check Register
Nevada Chapter October 13, 2023 Synchronous  Check Register
Washington Idaho Montana Chapter October 13, 2023 Missoula, MT Classroom  Check Register
Washington Idaho Montana Chapter October 13, 2023 Synchronous  Check Register

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Who should Enroll

Residential appraisers, Lenders


  • Define community land trusts (CLTs) and their purpose.
  • Understand the CLT shared equity ownership model—residential home ownership on CLT-owned land.
  • Identify fee simple, leased fee, and leasehold interests.
  • Review the ground lease purpose, restrictions, and provisions.
  • Recognize primary and secondary lending sources.
  • Identify CLT resale formulas.
  • Select appropriate comparable sales.
  • Identify supplemental assignments conditions for each of the secondary lenders that purchase CLT mortgage loans.
  • Understand appropriate methodology for supporting an appropriate leased fee value opinion.
  • Understand appropriate methodology for developing and reporting a credible opinion of leasehold value.
  • Identify required data/fields for CLT valuations that meet supplemental assignment requirements for secondary market lenders.
  • Review a sample report for compliance with applicable standards and supplemental assignment requirements.




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Attend: 20 AI Points

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Seminar Material Includes:
  • Seminar Handbook (92 pp.)

Seminar Material Includes:
  • Seminar Handbook (92 pp.)

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