Desktop Appraisals (Bifurcated, Hybrid) and Evaluations

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Who should enroll

  • General and residential appraisers that serve lenders
  • Lenders, appraisal management companies, private mortgage companies, mortgage service companies, portfolio lenders, and underwriters who are users of these appraisal services will benefit by gaining a better understanding of why an appraiser may not be willing/able to accept one of these assignments.


As the world changes, so do processes and methods used in many businesses including the appraisal profession. While alternative appraisal services like bifurcated, hybrid, and desktop appraisals and evaluations aren’t new, they are becoming more popular. Many appraisers are uncertain about the general requirements of each service, how appraisal standards might apply, and how these services might create liability. This seminar will provide more clarity about the different services being requested and help you to decide if these services are for you. It will review the expectations of alternative appraisal services, potential uses, appraisal standard implications, scope of work, and liability concerns as it applies to residential and commercial assignments. And it will review evaluation formats and the business opportunities for them.

  • Describe desktop appraisals, such as bifurcated and hybrid, and learn how and when they are used.
  • Discover how real estate collateral is used inside federally regulated banks and financial institutions.
  • Review the significant Federal and State laws governing all valuations — appraisals and evaluations used for loan originations, modifications, and other subsequent transactions.
  • Identify appraisal standards, Interagency Guidelines, lender requirements, and state law requirements for credentialed appraisers.
  • Recognize the development and reporting differences that differentiate appraisals from evaluations and desktop valuation services. 


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7 hours
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Seminar Materials Include:
  • Seminar Handbook (187 pp.)

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