Avoiding Bias: Building a Bias Defense - An Examination of Available Guidance & Requirements for FL Appraisers

Date: March 23, 2023

Location: Virtual Classroom, FL

East Florida Chapter
Ms. Dowling
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom, FL 00000
Gregoire, Francois / Pilz, Nicholas
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Allegations of appraiser bias surfaced in recent history. In Florida, these allegations were published by Florida media outlets and cited by Florida political figures and advocacy groups. One of the initial and most widely reported allegations of illegal discrimination against a Florida residential appraiser was initiated by the Horton family in August of 2020. The Horton’s are a mixed-race couple, who own and live in a home in Jacksonville, Florida.

 This offering will review the most notable accusations by the Horton’s against the appraiser, appraisal report, and appraisal process, which are similar to allegations of illegal discrimination by other homeowners in many other states across the U.S. Further, we will review suggestions available to all and specifically Florida appraisers that can be implemented in one’s current work to help minimize or alleviate such allegations. Warning: This is a controversial subject. 

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