Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Valuation Challenges and The Law

Date: October 23, 2020

Location: Virtual Classroom, CA

San Diego Chapter
Ms. Patti L. Kreutzer
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom, CA 00000
DeSaix, MAI, SRA, Denis


SEMINAR CONTENT: The lack of affordable housing in many California markets has been a challenge, vexing policymakers, local communities, employers, and ultimately, potential homeowners and renters. In 2017, the state of California adopted new development standards which apply to every planning jurisdiction in the state. These new rules effectively allow property owners to construct new or modify existing portions of their homes to incorporate an accessory dwelling unit in all but a few situations. As more and more property owners and developers take advantage of these new laws, appraisers can expect to see more and more single family assignments that include the need to evaluate the contributory value of an ADU. ADU regulations continue to evolve in California and throughout the country. Fannie Mae has just released an update to their ADU lending guidelines that affect all ADU assignments targeted to Fannie. You can't afford to miss hearing about these changes. Additional seminar content includes: 

  • State Mandated ADU Regulations
  • Three Approaches to Value - Cost, Income, Sales
  • Factors Driving Price and Demand
  • How Have Things Changed?
  • Is There a Difference From Market Value to Sales Price? 
  • Case Studies: When Paired Sales are Scarce

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SEMINAR DEVELOPER AND PRESENTER: Denis DeSaix, MAI, SRA. Denis is a certified general appraiser practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in complex properties, reviews and compliance, and litigation support. Denis is the Immediate Past President of the Northern California Chapter, a respected seminar/conference presenter, a practicing field appraiser for many years, and is proud to have served as a United States Marine. 

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