The Tough Ones: An Income Capitalization and Sales Comparison Approach to Mixed Use Properties

Date: November 17, 2023

Location: Virtual Classroom, TN

Tennessee Chapter
Mrs. Pitts
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom, TN 37204
Myra Pitts
Dowling, MAI, SRA, Vince

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This is a "homegrown" seminar that is approved for 7 hours of CE in only TN, AL, and MS. 

You may be able to recieve credit by reciprocity in other states.  You will need to check to verify this as it up to each individual state.

Description: The Tough Ones


The first half of this program focuses on an often-under-served segment of the real estate market, mixed-use properties. These properties are prevalent in all communities, both rural and urban, across the country. Buyers range from small investors in structures that blend non-residential and residential uses to large investors acquiring complex properties that seek to maximize the potential of the underlying land and meet different segments of market demand. The mixed-use concept is adaptable in structures both old and new. Their development seeks to meet the needs in an ever-changing market. The program briefly discusses information found in many appraisal reports that consider a market analysis and services as an underpinning for the highest and best use. In the valuation section, all aspects of a reconstructed operating statement are discussed including contract vs. market rents, vacancy and collection losses, types of expenses which collectively result in a net operating income estimate. Different aspects of the capitalization process are discussed with the focus on various types of multipliers and overall capitalization rates which are appropriate for many small mixed-use property assignments. New and large mixed-use properties are being developed and this warranted a brief discussion on yield analysis. Lastly, ways to comply with USPAP’s minimum requirements including supporting documentation will be discussed.


The second half of this program focuses on understanding nuances of the subject being appraised and how its physical, legal, and locational aspects contribute to value. The focus concentrates on a direct comparison among properties. It begins with a discussion of what is a suitable competitive property. Emphasis will be on the ten (10) elements of comparison which are criteria for comparison. These criteria can be subdivided for a more detailed analysis.

There is also a recommended procedure when processing the elements in two basic categories. The

adjustment process seeks to simulate a typical buyer’s decision-making process tempered by market patterns and trends. The importance of the practitioner’s logic and rationale will be visited. There is also an overview of various peer tested techniques to develop adjustments. Lastly, defining what is necessary to meet USPAP’s minimum requirements and what is supporting documentation for opinions and conclusions will be discussed.

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November 17, 2023 (Central Time Zone)

ZOOM Meeting Opens: 7:30 a.m. central time

Class Begins: 8:00 a.m. central time

End Time: 3:30 p.m. central time


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