Pipeline Corridor Easements - Aren't They All the Same?

Date: May 13, 2021

Location: Virtual Classroom, LA

Louisiana Chapter
Nancy Linton-Hall
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom, LA
Batis, MAI, AI-GRS, Joseph
Via Zoom

AI Price: $175.00
Full Price: $195.00


VIRTUAL Event via Zoom.  Registrants will receive an email with the Zoom Login Access information the day before the event.

Cancellation Policy

With written requests postmarked more than 14 days prior to seminar, refunds will be granted less a $30 cancellation fee.  For written requests postmarked 7 to 14 days prior to event, an $50 cancellation fee applies. Cancellations 7 days or less prior to the seminar and “no shows” the day of the event will forfeit payment.

Additional Information

Who Should Enroll

·         Appraisers, Attorneys, Title Insurance Claim Representatives, Arbitrators, Land Acquisition Agents, Row Managers


Seminar Description & Objectives

This seminar addresses pipeline and corridor easements and their impacts on property value based upon the substantial number of pipelines and corridors crossing Louisiana.

This is not a seminar pertaining to the valuation of corridors or pipeline easements in their entirety (for instance, the corridor or pipeline right-of-way may have a length of several hundred miles). This seminar introduces the appraiser to the concepts to be addressed in any analysis and valuation of property (a single property or tract of land) that is encumbered with a pipeline easement or a corridor of multiple right-of-way uses in one strip.

This seminar is developed to provide appraisers with the educational foundation to provide credible real estate valuation services for properties encumbered with permanent easements for pipelines and other corridor uses.  For purposes of illustration and example, the seminar content focuses on permanent easements for underground pipelines and properties subject to a proposed partial acquisition for the construction of an underground pipeline.  However, most of the concepts presented in the seminar apply to all permanent easements.

This one-day (7-hour) seminar identifies the necessary information the appraiser needs to properly understand the division of the bundle of rights between the two parties to the easement (the grantor and grantee), the type and sources of available relevant market data, and how to identify the influences of the permanent easement on highest and best use and market value that lead to credible valuation conclusions.


·         Understanding grantor’s and grantees rights and obligations / multiple line rights / blanket easements and easement releases / construction and crossing requirements / use of the easement area by the owner

·         Identifying critical ROW issues / compliance with USPAP requirements

·         Easements within easements / separating the captured value elements / overlapping v. contiguous v. gaps between easements / parallel v. crossing easements / depth of pipelines and size of pipelines

·         The impact of construction techniques: current v. historic practices / regulatory and testing requirements

·         Necessity of relevant market data what is relevant, how to obtain, how to verify

·         Impacts of easements to remainder property (whole property) damage issues

·         Identify strengths and weaknesses of appraisal reports

·         Recognize unfounded/unsupported valuation/damage claims

·         Distinguish market evidence from experience

·         Identify speculation, bias, lack of objectivity

·         Awareness of appraisers’ ethical obligations for impartiality

·         Recognize technical and geographical (market) competence


Virtual Classroom-Live/Interactive Participation Guidelines
Students must have computer, webcam & microphone capability to participate & receive continuing education credit. The platform will be interactive and live. The instructor must be able to physically see and interact with all students and students must be able see and interact with the instructor.


A copy of a photo ID (driver's license; passport; ID with photo & name) must be emailed to the Chapter office as verification after you have registered for the offering prior to the offering start date, but no later than lunch the day of class.

Only those students who provide the photo identification and “attend” the program in its entirety will receive a certificate of completion. Attendance will be taken at various times throughout the day.

You will receive a separate email from the Chapter Office with log-in/access information.  You do not need a paid account from ZOOM to participate. If you are using your iPad/iPhone/smartphone, please download the ZOOM app prior to offering.

Please check your webcam privacy settings on your computer. If you have a Lenovo laptop, you must have the Lenovo Vantage App installed on your computer for webcam to work. 


It is important to note that the AI educational programs that may be offered by virtual delivery *ARE NOT* approved in every state. Some states DO NOT allow virtual education.  ALL participants MUST check state approvals prior to registering for any chapter offered Appraisal Institute program.



Check state approvals before registering to make sure the states you are licensed have approved the course/seminar and allow Virtual education in place of classroom education during the pandemic. 


Contact the chapter with questions regarding participation guidelines: nancy@execadminpros.com  

Login Access: 5/13/21: 8 a.m. CDT
Roll Call & Class: 5/13/21: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  CDT
**Lunch: 30 minutes


CE Credit Approvals
Appraisal Institute: 35 points

LA Appraiser Board:  7 Hours


Attendance Policy
The Appraisal Institute, AQB, and LAREAB require full attendance (100%) at the seminar.  If the attendance roster reflects less than 100%, it could/will show up on the roster submission to the states.


Tuition Includes
Seminar materials 


Instructor & Developer
Joseph E. Batis, MAI, AI-GRS of Joliet, IL

Disclaimer Information

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. The Louisiana Chapter reserves the right to cancel this Seminar if the minimum enrollment level is not reached.

National Disclaimer

This Educational Program was developed by an outside party. The Appraisal Institute Chapter made arrangements for the Third-Party to offer the Program with the intent of addressing topic(s) based on a certain chapter or local need for such topic, solely educational and informational purposes. The Appraisal Institute national organization was not involved in developing or organizing the Program and does not endorse the Program or its content.

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State Credit

Please note that 100% attendance is required in order to receive any approved state credit or to be awarded AI CE points. It is imperative that you check with your state board for state approval information before completing registration.

Other Information

If you have a disability and require accommodation, please notify the sponsor at least two weeks in advance for reasonable accommodations to be arranged.

The Appraisal Institute reserves the rights to cancel, limit, or reschedule the program and to change instructor assignments and facility locations at any time.