Persistent Appraisal Failures

Date: June 8, 2021

Location: Bolingbrook, IL

Chicago Chapter
Sarah Walsh
Bolingbrook Country Club
2001 Rodeo Dr
Bolingbrook, IL 60490
Hagar, Rich


Many appraisers are classified as Tier 2 or 3 because they make small but critical errors when filling out appraisal forms.  Something as small as using effective age or “upgrades” in the wrong place can "demote" an appraiser to a lower Tier status and fees.  This class will explain how things have recently changed with Fannie Mae + provide a list of their top 20 report failures.  Richard will help appraisers elevate their work into Tier 1 status and higher fees.  This CE class will explain the problems and provide solutions

The 7hr CE class will cover:

  • Problems with using MLS photographs;
  • The change regarding age and effective age;
  • The difference between upgrades, quality, and condition;
  • Text that gets appraisers in trouble;
  • New Collateral Underwriter definitions for view, location, and waterfront;
  • The new fields the CU will analyze (more changes);
  • Help understanding the Q and C definitions (some still are not getting it right);
  • What the CU doesn't "look at" in your reports;
  • The new methods used to “review” appraisals.

Every student will receive a list of the most common problems found by Fannie Mae and state appraisal boards.

(State approved 7hrs.)

Handouts will be emailed before class.  Printed copies will be an extra charge.

About Richard Hagar, SRA

Richard Hagar, SRA

Richard Hagar is an educator, speaker, consultant, author, and president of the Hagar Institute. He is a life-long student and has developed an extensive background in all aspects of real estate. His experience includes land development, real estate investing, appraising, sales and agency management, training, and consulting. Richard is a licensed real estate agent, certified real estate appraiser, and a certified real estate instructor. He also provides litigation support to attorneys (real estate appraisals), profiles real estate and mortgage fraud cases for law enforcement and helps other professionals understand the intricacies of the real estate industry. He serves as a key resource for States’ Attorney Generals and has been an expert witness for State & Federal courts.  Curriculum Vitae

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$50 cancelation fee.  If you do not attend and do not contact the chapter you will not get a refund.

Additional Information

This course is at the Bolingbrook Country Club.  Class times are 8:30 - 5.

Approval in IL, IN and MO.  More states to follow.

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100% attendance is required.  Partial credit will not be given.

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