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The Appraisal of Religious Facilities

The Appraisal of Religious Facilities


This handbook covers the unique physical features of houses of worship, their financing, and cost and sales comparison approaches to value. (Softcover, 1997) ...
Martin H. Aaron, MAI, SRA, John H. Wright, Jr., MAI
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Number of pages:77
Year published:1997

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There are a number of reasons an assignment to appraise a religious property could land on your desk: new building projects, expansions, and the sale or acquisition of existing facilities could all prompt a request for an appraisal. What better way to be prepared for such an assignment than to have a copy of the Appraisal Institute's book on this subject, The Appraisal of Religious Facilities. The text will guide you through the complexities of this unique property type. For example, you will gain insight into the current state of the marketplace for such properties and the special physical elements that set religious facilities apart from others.

Analyzing the physical features of a religious facility plays a large role in the valuation process, not only as it pertains to the subject property but also to comparable properties. The authors describe what to notice and observe during a physical inspection as well as what to ask when interviewing facility leaders and others about the uses of the property. A major portion of the book is devoted to the application of the cost and sales comparison approaches, and the book concludes with a section on the financing of religious facilities.

This concise volume is an essential addition to the well-rounded appraiser's library. Order your copy today!

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