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GIS in Real Estate: Integrating, Analyzing, and Presenting Locational Information

GIS in Real Estate: Integrating, Analyzing, and Presenting Locational Information


This book describes how to set up a geographic information system and use it to analyze and present demographic data in appraisal reports. (Softcover, 1998) ...
Gilbert Castle
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Number of pages:206
Year published:1998
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Real estate market analysis once involved poring over statistics and interpreting reams of tabular data. Today there is a better way. Using a geographical information system (GIS), anyone who can point and click can analyze sophisticated demographic information and prepare a reasoned analysis in an easy-to-read, attractive format.

A geographic information system, which examines and displays data in a spatial context, is uniquely suited to the detailed analysis of real estate data and its persuasive presentation in reports. Real estate professionals use GIS systems to locate properties for home buyers, perform supply and demand analyses for retailers, and advise investors on the performance of their assets.

GIS in Real Estate takes the reader through all the decisions and problems encountered in setting up a GIS, with essential information on acquiring the proper hardware and software and making use of digital and attribute data, custom programming, and system integration. It even provides advice on staff training, the use of outside consultants, ongoing project management, and future GIS applications. Case studies are presented to show readers how their peers and competitors are making decisions and money by performing in-depth, sophisticated analyses from their desktop computers.


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