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Appraisers in Arbitration

Appraisers in Arbitration


This book provides a thorough introduction to arbitration and the ways in which valuation professionals can provide services in this arena. (Softcover, 2018) ...
Paula K. Konikoff, MAI, AI-GRS
Number of pages:122
Year published:2018

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Interested in expanding your practice to include arbitration? This book is for you! Arbitration presents a growing area of opportunity for valuation professionals, who can serve as arbitrators, expert valuation witnesses, or consultants. Appraisers in Arbitration provides a thorough introduction to arbitration and explores the various ways valuation professionals can provide services competently and ethically in this growing area of practice.

Appraisers in Arbitration explores the arbitration process in depth, from the preliminary hearing to the final award. Common arbitration scenarios and real-world examples are discussed, and sound guidance is provided to help practitioners handle the risks and challenges associated with arbitration. Appraisers in Arbitration is a useful overview of the arbitration process and the opportunities it presents to experienced and knowledgeable valuation professionals.

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